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Don’t fall in love.

Seriously just don’t! you think you love the person but in reality you’re just in love with the thought of love.

If you’ve been with the person for a long time and you know everything about them, and still everyday you wake up and they’re the first person to come to mind, the one person you can see your future with, the one person you cant take your eyes off of. thats love. When no one else in the world matters except you two.

People now days, throw around the word “Love” just as much as they throw the word “hate.”

people now days think its so much easier to fall in love or hate on someone than it is to get to know their story. 

Figure out the person behind the face. The past and what they want in the future. 

To figure out why they do what they do.

but its so easy to “fall in love" or say "i hate him/her

and as soon as something happens between you and the person you love, you get hurt. 

as soon as you see the real behind the person you hate, you start to regret that you ever hated them.

Society now days make you rush into things you’re not ready for. 

Don’t fall in love. Fall in like.

Don’t hate. Just say i don’t like what you just did there, and move on.

Everyone has their reasons.

be true to you and your feelings.